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Upon admission each client will participate in a comprehensive biopsychosocial and diagnostic assessment to aid in understanding the client’s strengths, needs, and barriers to drug or alcohol addiction treatment and substance abuse recovery. At NorthSight Recovery we view the diagnostic assessment as one of the most important pieces to successful treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. With detailed assessment and accurate diagnosis comes effective substance abuse treatment. Our team of doctorate level clinicians have extensive training in diagnostics and can incorporate psychological testing as needed.

Psychological Testing

Psychological testing provides yet another avenue to arrive at an accurate diagnosis and guide treatment. In some ways psychological testing is similar to medical tests one may undergo. For example, if a client has physical symptoms, a provider may order X-rays or blood tests to better understand what is causing or contributing to the symptoms at hand. Psychologists use tests and other assessment tools to measure and observe symptoms and behavior to arrive at a diagnosis and guide treatment.

Levels of Care

NorthSight Recovery offers a continuum of care that allows for tailored and individualized drug or alcohol addiction treatment plans to support long term recovery from substance abuse. Services are provided in the form of group therapy and individual client therapy.


We can help make the detoxification process more comfortable. Ambulatory detox services are provided by our on-sight medical staff.


Partial Hospitalization Programming serves as a bridge between inpatient or residential care and intensive outpatient and outpatient programming. PHP provides a structured day that aids in building and implementing new skills while wrapped with staff support. This programming includes weekly individual drug and alcohol counseling, therapy, group therapy, structured activities, and intensive case management.


Intensive Outpatient Programming continues to offer the clinical services identified in PHP programming, but at a lesser degree. In additional to continued skill learning, clients in IOP are encouraged to focus on building healthy support systems, gaining financial stability, and becoming self sufficient


The primary focus of outpatient programming is relapse prevention and ongoing support. Clients may remain in this level of care indefinitely or until no longer needed. We understand life happens and extra support may be required at any life stage. We are here for support!

Transitional Homes

NorthSight Recovery offers clients a safe and therapeutic housing option to assist in their recovery process. Our transitional living homes are AzRHA certified and AZHDS Licensed. They have been created to help ease clients back into daily living, reinforce therapy and life skills, and prepare clients to life a self-sufficient life in recovery.

Take a quick peek at our comfortable Transitional Homes

Services We Offer

A plethora of elective services are also available and determined by client needs. Services are provided in the form of group and individual therapy.

Ambulatory Detox: Ambulatory detox services are provided by our on-sight medical staff.

Diagnostic Assessment and Treatment Planning: Each client will participate in a clinical diagnostic assessment including all areas of their history.

Case Management: All clients receive case management sessions to aid in promoting therapeutic skill application and life skill components.

Psychological Testing: Identifying accurate diagnoses is key to successful treatment. NorthSight Recovery offers a range of psychological testing to aid identifying diagnoses and creating accurate treatment plans.

Family Education and Support: Multifamily group sessions will be offered twice monthly to increase awareness and knowledge and teach skills in supporting those who are struggling with addiction and other mental health difficulties.

Telehealth Services: In order to ensure the widest range of services, telehealth sessions will be offered as needed. Cases will be reviewed by the clinical team to determine appropriateness.

Equine Assisted Therapy: Clients living in transitional homes will have the opportunity to participate in experiential activities involving horses. Equine assisted therapy has proven to be efficacious in treating mental health and substance use disorders.

Medication Assisted Therapy: The use of FDA approved medication in combination with the above will be offered as an option in the treatment of certain substance use disorders.

Health and Wellness Classes: Clients will participate in classes focused on yoga, meditation, mindfulness, nutrition, and overall wellness.