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by NorthSight


TEMPE, Arizona, April 5, 2023 – NorthSight Recovery proudly announces Dr. Brittany Pierce as their Director of Clinical Training.

Dr. Pierce has extensive experience working with some of our most acute and vulnerable populations in various settings including correctional, private practice, acute care, residential, and outpatient. She has worked with all age ranges, but finds that she enjoys working with the adolescent populations most fulfilling. She previously was on faculty with Creighton University, where she taught and supervised physicians in their residency program. Dr. Pierce also has extensive experience in psychological assessment, program development, and implementation.

“With our commitment to excellence, and one of our core values being professional development and growth, we are excited to have Dr. Pierce in this role to ensure we never stop learning,” says Jeremy Bloom, President/CEO of NorthSight Recovery.

Dr. Pierce is a licensed Clinical Psychologist. Dr. Pierce earned her Bachelor’s Degree in psychology with minors in addiction counseling and philosophy. She pursued her Master’s Degree in clinical psychology and her Doctorate Degree in clinical psychology at Argosy University in Phoenix.

Special Skills

Memorizing song lyrics, decorating Christmas trees, game shows (ex. Super Market Sweep and Family Feud)

Most People Don’t Know…

During my senior year of college, I participated in a study abroad program in Rome, Italy

Greatest Achievement

Being a mom


NorthSight Recovery currently focuses on providing inclusive and multidisciplinary care to individuals 18 years and older from various ethnic, religious, and cultural backgrounds. NorthSight specializes in treating complex mental health diagnoses, co-occurring problematic substance use, and lacking social determinants of health. NorthSight serves individuals with various mental health and psychiatric conditions, including but not limited to mood and anxiety disorders, personality disorders, trauma, stressor-related disorders, Schizophrenia spectrum and psychotic disorders, and substance-related and addictive disorders.


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